Among the active tourism options available in Poio, we should mention the nautical services offered by the modern Combarro Marina, the Raxó Yacht Club and the shell fishing experiences offered by the Poio Women of the Sea Association.

Poio Women of the Sea Association

The estuary of Pontevedra has always been one of the mainstays of the local economy. The nearly 20 kilometres of coastline have forged the character of Poio, defined its landscape and provided us with the staple products of our local cuisine: fish, mussels, clams, etc. All these delicacies are brought to our tables thanks to the work that the men and women of the sea of Poio have been carrying out for centuries.

Through the marine tourism experiences, you can learn first-hand about the work of the shellfish gatherers, by taking part in a day on the shore.

Shellfish gathering experience:

From the beaches (the ameixales) of Padrón or A Seca, accompany the shellfish gatherers and learn to distinguish the different types of bivalve, the extraction techniques, the tools used, and the classification process at the sorting station.

Fish market experience:

Guided visit where you will learn about the dynamics of the Campelo fish market and attend a fish and shellfish auction.

Contact to arrange dates and times:

Poio Women of the Sea Association 622844080 / 646506529.

Combarro Marina

In service since 2008, the facilities of the Combarro Marina include 334 mooring berths on floating pontoons, with finger, water supply and individual electricity.

In 2012, the Combarro Marina was awarded the “Jack Nichol” prize for excellence in marina design for being an example of urban and environmental integration.

In 2017, Combarro Marina was the first marina in Spain to be certified with the “5 Gold Anchor” award by The British Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA). This award recognizes the five-star quality of the marina facilities, services, and attention to users, which are listed below:

      • Underground Parking.
      • Access control to the pontoon.
      • Fuel supply.
      • Crane and travel lift.
      • Wi-Fi at berths.
      • Nautical services building.

Contact information for Combarro Marina.

Address: Paseo das Redeiras s/n, Porto Deportivo de Combarro, Edificio de Capitanía. 36993 Combarro – Poio (Pontevedra).

Telephone: Office – 34 986 778 415 / Marina service – 34 607 427 726



Raxó Harbour

Small boating harbour in the parish of Raxó, between the beaches of Raxó and Xiorto.

Coordinates: 42º 24′ 10.0″ N – 8º 45′ 18.0″ W

Address: Igrexa, 18. Raxó 36992

Telephone: 986 741 344

Fax: 986 741 034


Campelo Harbour

Small boating harbour located in Campelo.

Coordinates: 42°25’37.9″N 8°41’12.6″W

Address: Campelo, San Xoán de Poio 36994

Telephones: 986 721 103 / 669 898 693


Página web:

Campelo Fish Market

This is a public building where the fishermen and shell fishing men and women auction their produce to wholesale buyers. Guided visits can be arranged through the services by the Women’s Association of which.

Coordinates: 42°25’37.0″N 8°41’09.5″W

Address: Puerto de Campelo, s/n. San Xoán de Poio 36994

Telephones: 986 771 437

Auction times: shellfish at 5 pm and fish at 6 pm.

Raxó Yacht Club Association

Coordinates: 42°24’11.2″N 8°45’17.4″W

Services: Sailing, windsurf and paddle-surf courses.

Address: Peirao de Raxó, Raxó 36992

Telephone: 688 962 088


Activities: sailing courses, windsurf courses, kayak hire, paddleboard, jet skis and flyboard.