A large, natural, recreational area

There are many places in Poio where you can enjoy the natural surroundings and excellent views of the Pontevedra estuary.


A large, natural, recreational area

One of the most outstanding areas is the A Reiboa – A Seca cove and its extensive recreational area. Located at the mouth of three streams (Cancela, Pereiro and do Mouro), it is a natural marsh and shell fishing area with walking paths, children’s playgrounds and recreational and sports facilities. The Memory Park is located in this area, designed by the Argentinean 1980 Nobel Peace Prize winner Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, who became an adoptive son of the municipality. It is a monument consisting of six stone monoliths depicting the engraved figures of Rosalía de Castro, Alexandre Bóveda and Castelao and mounted on a wind rose. In the centre is a seed on a base decorated with Sargadelos ceramics designed by the artist Isaac Díaz Pardo. Just next to the park is the A Seca Motor Home Site providing 10 parking spaces and a free waste tank emptying service.

One of the largest redwood forests in Europe

One of the most emblematic places in Poio is the Monte do Castro Recreational Area, close to the monastery of San Xoán de Poio. It is equipped with barbecues, tables and benches. Here you will find the Bosque de Colón, a forest of 500 red sequoias planted in 1992 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Columbus’ arrival in America.

Another recreational area of particular interest is Lourido, located very close to the beach of the same name, with wooden benches and tables, shaded areas and a children’s playground. Fonte Armadiña fountain is also to be found in the higher area of Combarro, and in Samieira, you can visit the River Bois Recreational Area.