A balcony over the Pontevedra estuary

The orography of Poio, overlooked to the north by the Monte Castrove mountain range, has given rise to numerous viewpoints with spectacular views of the Pontevedra estuary.

A Caeira Viewpoint

It is located at the highest point of the A Caeira Archaeological Area, 160 metres above sea level. In this area you can visit the most important collection of prehistoric rock carvings in the municipality of Poio and take in one of the finest panoramic views of the final stretch of the River Lérez as it passes through the city of Pontevedra.


Monte Castrove Viewpoint

This is situated in Monte Castrove, at the highest point of the municipality, 613 metres above sea level. This vantage point affords one of the widest panoramic vistas of the Pontevedra estuary. It is possible to see the city of Pontevedra, Marín, the island of Tambo, the entire north coast of the estuary and the island of Ons from this spot.


Loureiro, Campanario and Tartaruga Viewpoints

These three viewpoints are located very close to each other, at an altitude of 300 metres above sea level and have the added convenience of wooden platforms and signage. They offer an impressive panoramic view of the Pontevedra estuary with the historical site of Combarro at our feet, Campelo and the cove of A Seca to the east, Pontevedra, Marín and Bueu on the south bank of the estuary and in the middle, the silhouette of the island of Tambo.

The Pedra da Tartaruga viewpoint is named after its peculiar turtle shape caused by the erosion of one of its rocks. Look out for the prehistoric petroglyphs of geometric, concentric circular figures and bowls close to this spot.




Samieira Viewpoint

Standing at 238 metres above sea level, this viewpoint has a small granite shelter that mimics a Romanesque chapel. A sweeping view of the entire Pontevedra estuary can be seen from here.


Other viewpoints in Poio

Other viewpoints in Poio include those of Pedra Cabalaria in Samieira, Laño, Campelo, Cabeceira, the terrace of the Xaime Illa Cultural Centre in Raxó and the A Granxa viewpoint that has stunning views over the village of Raxó.